Wonderful Story of Grace

To the praise of His glorious grace, with which He has blessed us in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6

Oh! the riches of His (GOD) grace : the wonders of His grace : the glories of His grace. We are recipients of the wonderful story of grace conceived in the heart of the Father. We were foreknown to the Father before the world was created and man was made. Overflowing blessings and provision in abundance have been foreordained for us. We are predestined to become like the Son of His love and foreordained to son-ship.

1 O sweet is the story of Jesus,
The wonderful Savior of men,
Who suffered and died for the sinner,–
I’ll tell it again and again!

O wonderful, wonderful story,
The dearest that ever was told;
I’ll repeat it in glory,
The wonderful story,
Where I shall His beauty behold.

2 He came from the brightest of glory;
His blood as a ransom He gave,
To purchase eternal redemption;
And, O He is mighty to save!

3 His mercy flows on like a river;
His love is unmeasured and free;
His grace is forever sufficient,
It reaches and purifies me.

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