Hope in Christ

“If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself.” John 14:3

What does it mean to have hope in Christ? Part of it means having hope in His promises. He made some incredible promises to His disciples, among them the promise that He would return. Christ is coming to rule the earth with the resurrected saints as coheirs (Romans 8:17). This promise is at the core of the gospel message.

Does this give us hope? Do we believe the promises we are reading today?

How futile and empty our physical lives would be if we had no hope of life after death. Many people down through the centuries of human existence have lived with pain, sorrow and unfulfilled dreams. How cruel it would be if this life were all there is!

The Bible is filled with hope: a hope beyond what most have dared to dream. There is a resurrection from the dead. In spite of the dangers of imprisonment and martyrdom, Paul boldly proclaimed the faith we can have that God has something very special in mind for us after this life. He did not have hope in this life only. His real hope was for the life beyond this physical existence.

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