Bold like and for JESUS

The “bold” Christ-like witnessing we see in the early church supernatural was Spirit-empowered evangelism where devoted followers of Christ could not stop speaking of what they had seen and heard. We can do better..

For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard. Acts 4:20

They were bold like Jesus. Respectfully open and direct even in the presence of opposing viewpoints. The witness and evangelism of early Christians was not loud, pushy and annoyingly “in-your-face” as many people might imagine. So, this and many more features of good Christ-like is what made and is making it feasible to have “bold” like Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ!

Several features or hallmarks of true Biblical Christian witnessing “boldness” are:
1) Spirit lead,
2) speaking from a convinced viewpoint,
3) courageously genuine,
4) a persuasion that says, “I need to speak”,
5) honest and straightforward,
6) shameless, and
7) fearless.

It will and continuously be real when you take courage, openly declaring your faith and trusting God to use it. Sincerely as faithful obedient messengers who realize that God is in charge. Effectively fearless of what others might think, say, or how they will respond. Not some “soft-sell” evangelism aimed at avoiding any and all controversy. But it’s not intentionally trying to upset others yet, not intimidated by how others might react as you declare your faith. Pray asking God to give you His courage to boldly share your faith by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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