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​“Do two men walk together unless they are agreed?” Amos 3:3

The answer, of course, is no. This question, along with the others posed by the prophet Amos in this passage, are designed to show how Israel’s sin had separated her from fellowship with God and would bring them under judgment or discipline. As the Psalmist put it, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear (listen) to me.” Known sin in our lives quenches and grieves the Spirit, thus hindering our fellowship with His Lord. Our relationship with Him, however, is permanent.

As for the earlier messages that speak of “remaining in God,” sincerely, those messages and the scriptural references, not excluding today message/text are all speaking about fellowship with God and not just our judicial standing or mere relationship with God. As many who are born again or regenerated by the Spirit into the family of God, we stand in the perfect merit and grace of the Savior as justified sinners, according to Romans 5:1. But as God’s children, we need to walk in fellowship with Him. This idea of fellowship is expressed, especially by John, with the word “abide” or “remain,” which is the Greek meno, “to abide, dwell, live, remain.” Note that: Our refusal or failure to abide in fellowship with Him means the loss of His abiding in us in the sense, not of His presence, but of His intimacy, control, and ability to direct our lives.

As I learnt, I think this is precisely the issue in the book of 1 John, which I believe gives us a number of tests, not as proofs of salvation, but proofs (tests) of fellowship, or of an intimate knowledge of the Lord, who as light, wants to shine into our lives and lead us to experience His life. There the author uses the words “abide” and even “know” in this sense. We can know God personally as our Savior, but those who walk rebelliously in sin are failing to know Him intimately in the sense of fellowship. John 15:12 says “They all knew Him, but not as deeply as they needed to know Him and would later in their relationship with Him, especially after the coming of the Spirit”. It is not too late, now is the time to refreshingly dig deeper to know Gods interest in full, be rooted in agreement with Him, and appreciably fruitful in fellowship with Him. Good luck!

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