His Mercy: Our Life

​”And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:  By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name..” Romans 1:4‭-‬5.

The Bible’s way of preaching holiness begins by reminding Christians who we are, what we are, and what we have. Personalize (bracket): Who are we (Who am I)? We are the children (joint heirs) of God with all of the power of God working on our behalf, according to Roman 8:17. Where are we (Where am I)? We are in the kingdom of God, we in Him and He in us, at this point we have died to the dominion of sin and wickedness Romans 6:22. What do we have (What do I have)? We have the Holy Spirit, we have Jesus’ intercession working for us, and we have the power of God ready to come to our aid- Romans 8:27-29. Hence, Before now, today, and for time to come, Holy Spirit have but will continue to Inspire you, myself and many more to show us what God has done for us and letting us rise to the challenge i.e. not conforming to this World and it’s wikedness, rather responding to Gods love appropriately, doing good willingly without blemish nor regrets. 

Admittedly, it can be difficult to always be cognizant of God’s mercies. Imagine me as a Computer Networks Engineer/Programmer, who, busy enough, cunning and mostly carried away, can often fall back into an unhealthy works-mentality and in process can apply this orientation to my personal life, ministry, friendship, and family. Each time I adopt this faulty motivation, I often see results, not good, not holy, strugling with it, not cool at all, but only for a few days, then another cycle begin. Now, Haven encountered and experienced God’s mercy and people who kept reminding me of His mercies, I came to realise that Long-lasting change and possitivity only occurs when gratitude for God’s mercies is the chief motivation, not because I so desired to change nor forced, but wished, prayed and got helped to change (report/result of His mercies (major). We are to at least start striving till we become thriving in knowing, understanding and reciprocating God’s will/standard, love/grace/mercies e.t.c. all summing up to holiness and goodness respectively. May Jesus intercessions for you, myself and many more at the place/throne of mercy not be a waste, Amen!

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