Freedom: GOD sends gods

“​Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” John 10:‬34

Lords and gods is mostly spoken to civil magistrates (Judges) than to any other leaders nowadays. They are called by the title, because of their authority and power; and because they do, in some sort, represent the divine majesty, in the government of nations and kingdoms. Many of the Jewish writers, by “gods”, interprete it as “the angels”. Many kiss hands while bowing to greet their master or leaders, while they never expect their own hands to be kissed by anyone as a form of respect. 

Well, the process is not our concern today: but for us to know that God have been saving, recruiting, training, sending and equipping a lot of our people as His ambassadors, to represent His Holiness, syncronize informations streamlined with God, and act on behalf of His Holiness (God), discharging his/her duties or responsibilities as oracle of God between His holiness and his people, Check Exodus 7:1. See, we must know that though to be called god or Gods representative or ambassador, or oracle is a good thing; pride as virus can destroy the whole information within few seconds.

Christ’s works of power and mercy proclaim Him to be over all, God blessed Him for evermore, that all may know and believe He is in the Father, and the Father in Him. Whom the Father sends, He sanctifies. The holy God will reward, and therefore will employ, none but such as He makes holy. The Father was in the Son, so that by Divine power he wrought his miracles; the Son was so in the Father, that he knew the whole of His mind (synchronized). This we cannot by searching find out easily to perfection, but we can know and believe these declarations of Christ with the help of Holy Spirit. Christians are advice to stay connected to God as our Origin, so that His virtue can through us be poured upon the weak and the yet-to-be-saved. (If you are an Oracle/gods/ambassador of God, you will Be saved-on, open and evangelizingto save others). Shallom!

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