Freedom: Be Conscious

“Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when he cometh shall find so doing. The Lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of,” Matthew 24:46‭, ‬50.

It is expedient of man to think of himself worthy of freedom, yet it is most acceptable to live the freedom with support and in fear of him that help to gain the freedom. This is likened to the case of a detained brother who had no Family or Friends who care around, nor much money to get a Lawyer to bail him talkless of defending his case in Court. But on the day his case was treated, have lost all hope and trust in himself; a lawyer who had just left another Court room entered into the court room where the brother is: The lawyer pitied him, knowing fully well that the brother will end up in jail if He didn’t volunteer to defend him, even at the risk of loosing another case he has been paid to attend/defend elsewhere.

The brother, so depressed yet arguing with the Police officer in charge of the case that he was innocent wasnt enough to convince the Judge and even the Lawyer who was willing to defend him. The lawyer was later recognized by the Judge, proficient enough,the lawyer used that opportunity to inform the Judge of his interest in the case i.e. to represent and defend him; hence, the Judge made the lawyer pass through every necessary and rigorous process, while the Police Officer and their lawyer (being government Lawyer recognized by the Judge) negate the idea of granting the brother bail based on the volunteering lawyer request. To, cut the long story short, the brother was granted his bail, prevented from returning to remind cell, eventually freed, counselled upon request yet free of charge courtesy of the Lawyer who also appreciate the Court and Judge for granting his wish upon the brother. But the Lawyer now told him a story…WOW! Exclaimed by the brother, when he learnt that the lawyer have been saving a lot like that, even people with worse case compared to his, and that some of them has committed the former errors which later took them to prison because knowing they were addicted to evil-doing.”Thank you, I will now stop being evil, please guide me, I now prefer to come to you for more knowledge, little or great, at leat it worths it, though not easy. I don’t want to be condemned! 

If you are this brother, give thanks to God for giving Jesus the chance to defend your case, but remember that you have to continuously pray/ask and learn from him to avoid going back to former errors, to correct you when and where neccessary, for his support to finance your freedom with the counsellor i.e. Holy Spirit, thereby guiding you to the end, so that the law and Judgement will not overtake you suddenly! I bid you Heaven at last, Amen.

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