Find Rest: Wait on Him

​”Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains.” James 5:7‭.

Imagine, the first thought that came from my mind at the reception of this topic was “can we nowadays Christians be as patient as the early Christians sha?” It is obvious that so many of us Christians are rushy both in Spirit and Body, evidently because we are putting more efforts to be achievers of vanities than attainers of holiness. Though we believe in Christ, trusted lightly in Him, but not having Him as our full Hope because we so much more believe in our abilities (Him being support, not determinant as before), thereby strongly trusting our very self if not another mere human than “the only Hope of the World”.

God is aware that our forefathers have eaten the fruit of wisdom, with which we gain freedom into pains and suffering as a result of God’s punishment since the time of Adam. He judged everyone fairly, but came back to the prison (earth), pleading with us again and again, that He never wanted to get us confused nor make us suffer in the hand of the “banished and fallen sons and angels of His”, but rather to satisfy us even if as worst as our pink ladies satisfy their teddy bears. Right here, right now, God wants us to know that there are some softwares (wisdom, knowledge, and understanding) He have kept away from us so that we will not end up formatting off our operating System, What a good careful and considerate owner (but the primary business of the devil since then and till now is to continuously corrupt our original softwares packages or worst re-modified the label of fake ones for us to think it will do us good than bad, so many take it easily and hastily and end up formatted and possibly re-programmed to operate against his or her original owner). 

So, why must we “with artificial intelligent” rush to upgrade ourselves, when the programmer/owner (God) have not yet confirmed our compatibilities for such? According to Romans 10:11 and Psalm 25:3, Believe in Jesus Christ, put your hope on God, now “ask God for what you think you want or need in the name of Jesus Christ, wait and see”! Shalom!

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