God in Our Time and Seasons

​”Your hands have made and fashioned me; give me understanding that I may learn your commandments.” Psalms 119:73

I hope you are enjoying your 2017 and all of its beauty. Here is December: This time of the year, I really enjoy going to visit friends and families. Yes, it’s hot, green house, ozone layer depletion or whatever, but God’s beauty abounds nonetheless. And besides, I believe you have fan, air-conditioner and water to help me beat the heat in case I visits you this Month if such opportunity arise, shey?

Let me tell you something: One of God’s beautiful creations is “you”. I saw lots of persons and read about some, I hated some, I liked some, but God decided and remains the Judge, who am I to judge? so, I’m cool to have you as me/my personal person..smile~ 

Now, Let me remind you of something: God begins with us as a tiny baby..*And then we grow..Our arms grow..our legs grow and after many years, we become an adult. *Our brains also grow during this time..All the time we are learning about our world, and that is a wonderful thing. In fact, that is what separates us from the animals. *Our minds and our souls grow..We learn and we reason and we figure out some things without lecture, that’s wonderful! 

So I am thankful for schools and mentors. I’m also thankful for God’s known Churches, Writers Team, Missionaries, SU,and Sunday School again. That is where we learn about God and God’s love for us. As I am like you, Let’s give God thanks for our growing bodies health, supplies etc, but let’s also give God thanks for our wonderful minds, and let’s keep feeding them with knowledge so they will just get better and better to satisfy our God’s interest of fashioning us at first. Finally, Let’s Thank God and request for ability to grow, know, understand, more secure, standing by Him and staying closer to Him to enjoy more better than ever..Such God grants willingly in Jesus Name. Shalom!

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