Call to Fishers of Men

​”And Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.” Mark 1:17.

Jesus said to them, “I will make you fishers of men.” Well, I suppose we knew all about fishing for fish, but to be sincere with you, Jesus was calling them to something far more significant. He was calling them to introduce men and women to HIS kingdom of love, HIS kingdom of power, HIS true Church/Body representing kingdom of heaven on earth. Every Children of God, being Disciplined Disciples, no matter how simple or complex our call seems to be (depending on your view as minister or not, but sure as an ambassador of Christ on Earth), would not be passive spectators of this coming Kingdom but “active participants”.

As Christians, we are expected to make a difference, a lasting difference in our world and in individual lives. No wonder the Disciples of then were excited. They were going to help change the world. The questions that troubling my heart on this are (1) Are we changing the World for good, or is it the World that is changing us for bad? (2) As for the few willing to go fishing, are we doing it by a lake, rivers, Oceans- facing heavy or low tides, or none (God will reward you for the effort), but I must ask also that “hope it not that you are just drowning worms for fun of it? It has been Gods desire that we should be excited about changing our world for God’s glory? Peace be unto You as you start to do so this week!

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