Devils against Salvation

PRAYER: Dear Lord, Thank you for my salvation, energize me to fully obtain and utilize the requirements, ingredients, process guide and preservatives for this salvation, thereby helping me as much as you want me to save others.

WHY PRAY THIS?: There is no doubt that sinners are called to repent, and that their repentance is required for their salvation. Ministers of God preaches “repentance for salvation” from ages past till now, right? Some have repented, but in need of guide, right? Some confess that they don’t want to join a Church, Right? Do we care to ask them why? Most time we try our best to convince them to fellowship for their spiritual growth, right? Its getting more complicated this days! See, though d’evil haven hardened some minds not to repent, yet HE and his eternal as well as inside-man/woman agents are working harder than we do now (unlike before when we preach, pray and visit converts incessantly, confirm their repentance in actions, until we witness the fruits of the spirit in the life of such new convert(s), even with that, “hello: shall we pray” was never too much, as iron sharpeneth iron). 

As at Today, we are to remember, that the d’evil and his increasing known and secrete agents are always on-the-task to confuse/convince even we “saved” to take his hand in any little form/way, in order to use us to either confuse or convince millions of believers and unbelievers unto eternal condemnation. I dont know how d’evil wants to take advantage of you or your ministry to his own advantage, but I exclaims with you In the name of Jesus: “the gate of hell shall not prevail!” Peace be unto You!

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