Obedience in Truth

​PRAYER: Dear LORD, I am yours! You have named me! Save me! I shall live according to your desire. Amen in Jesus Name!

WHY PRAY THIS?: Every one who names His Name should be saying with both mouth and heart, “I delight to do Your will, O Lord, my GOD.” Yes! we often term this “obedience in truth”, which ought to be a blessing, yet, many of us who profess to believe in GOD despise HIS desires by not being obedient to HIS truth totally i.e. as much as is expected of us, even at the measure of grace given. Some said and I quote “its not easy, its not really attainable” and so they try less- because majority hate HIS Law and they hate HIM. Beware the Devil is out there, but still with one-side buttock close to the Pews, conjuring grand deceit to even make or keep the Christians weak or off-task/off-desire for GOD. Solution GOD gave to all generations, not excluding ours, is to always and concurrently dedicate our “♡ Love for HIM and care for the works of HIS hand (See Mark 12:30-31)”, I mean again and again. Yesterday, My pastor said and I quote “I pay my Tithe, NOT because of the CURSE in MALACHI, but because I LOVE GOD”! What are those GOD’s desire that HOLY SPIRIT is telling you to fulfil because you LOVE HIM! Do and continue to Live it now, Oya, dissapoint the devil! Peace be unto You!

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