Professing GOD? love HIM!

PRAYER: Dear LORD, as I profess to be a Christian who serve YOU, enable me not to become the fool who serve serve Satan known/intentionally or unknown/unintentionally otherwise. Help me to love YOU and YOUR Word enough in order to escape YOUR wrath, In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

WHY PRAY THIS?: There are many false teachings and ungodly things which are unscriptural, wrong, and sinful being preached today in the society. Why? Some are for lack of love for GOD, lack of respect for GOD and HIS Word, lack of knowledge of GOD’s Word; some love the praise of men and many love the world and the things of the world, according to 1 John 2:15-17. Worse enough, there were some…who delibrately twists or exchanged the truth of GOD into a lie, some to back up one or two points, while some worshipped and served the creatures rather than the Creator…see Romans 1” GOD is warning very many of us to love and respect HIM and HIS Word in all that we do. Take note – are you in these situations as the HOLY SPIRIT interprets it to you? Return to GOD and be saved as you pray for the Leaders too. Peace be unto You!

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