PRAYER: DEAR LORD, in this Season, I desire the entire fruit of Your HOLY SPIRIT, I request for greater zeal/passion, focus, strength and wisdom to be your “active lovely and lovable witness” here. Amen, in Jesus name!

WHY PRAY THIS?: The fruit of the Spirit is the result of the Holy Spirit’s presence and working in the lives of maturing believers and is itemized in Galatians 5:22-23. So many times, I’ve been made to realise that most of us who call ourselves Christians (simply put Christ-Like in real term), are not “active in the right manner, thereby advantageous to our enemy, even d’evil.” Of course, So many of us were warned concerning being evil towards our fellows and neighbours at all levels.

Wow!, People of GOD, called with purpose, GOD is revealing reasons why it has been hard to break through the devils stronghold with witnessing, prayers, missionaries duties and rural rugged… potentials on evangelism almost back to beginning (0), yes, because we don’t do much in love, tell me how the World will see “the only hope of the World” in us, and turn to serve our GOD if we don’t love ourselves first?

1. We war less on the Devil and His demons, to reveal and destroy His srategies against the “Body of Christ,” but we focus on His agents (convertible) who are among us or in our environments.
2. We backbite like never before, even concerning the Anointed of GOD, we need to work on this too.
3. We say and sing heresies–such that can never edify nor water the “Body of Christ” in any way.
4. Worst of it all, we break the “Body of Christ,” often thinking “my own denomination is better” while we claim to serve same Christ Jesus.
5. We no more make supper arrangements for group evangelism, where one talks and the other backs up with points and prayers (Oh! How Great is the Joy proceeding from successful Jesus-Method of witnessing).
6. Thanks to CAN and PFN, that arranges crusade bring many together, but the love is not yet full enough to “light us up, for the world to see and come to the light, for great it shall be” Remember, Jesus Christ said “You are the Light of the World!..” Work on it now “for better yieldings” or never. Peace be unto You

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