Striving TOGETHER as ONE

Good Morning,

PRAYER: Dear LORD, as YOU LIVE in the GODHEAD, help me with Soul-Winning Destiny helpers- that we will be irons that sharpen each others for effective harvesting of all YOUR SON had already laboured for.

WHY PRAY THIS?: Just like a soldier is never sent out by himself, but in troop, GOD doesn’t intend for us to do our mission alone. At least someone must be somewhere doing this or that to support/backup in any edifying way. HE says we should go out together to witness, yes, but in Love and Unity (as One Family)

In fact, GOD says that we witness best to people who don’t know GOD when we love others who are already in GOD’s family. In John 13, Jesus Christ tells us that our love for each other proves to the world that we are Christ’s disciples. People are impressed when Christians genuinely love each other. It proves to the world that we are in the family of GOD.

“I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the Gospel” Philippians 1:27.

NOTE: Do you go on that evangelism/witnessing with other Christians in one spirit — when you all are so unified that it’s almost like you’re one person? This is the kind of relationship God wants us to have with our fellow Christians today. We all need each other (See Proverb 27:17). GOD wants us to witness for HIM, but HE wants us to do it together and stronger! Peace be unto You!

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