JESUS: Friend, Lord & Saviour.

Good morning
PRAYER: LORD Jesus, you’re my best friend forever! No one could love or care for me the way you do. I declare that I love you with all my heart and desire to know you more and more each day. Thank you for being my Friend, LORD and SAVIOUR.

WHY PRAY THIS?: We all have friends with whom we relate and talk to. It’s always great fun whenever they’re around, but, sometimes, even the best of friends can disappoint or let someone down when such need them most!

But there’s only one true Friend that’ll always be there for you. All power is given unto HIM in heaven and in earth. So, HE will never disappoint, fail, or give up on you! HE is never tired of hearing you speak, and His Name is Jesus Christ. Those who know HIM as their best friend never look for help or favours elsewhere or from others because HIS name is a strong tower: the righteous run into it, and is safe! And that in HIS name, every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of GOD the FATHER. Moreover, If you have a deep, personal relationship with HIM, you really don’t need to go looking for HIM confused, because HE’s right there with you! You in HIM, HE in you! Now, Communicate with HIM, and HE will respond. HE can talk to you both from within you and from the outside! HE is the best friend you could ever have, and HE gives wisdom as well as ability to face any difficult situation.

Hebrews 2:17 says “Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people..”.
HE proved that HE can go to any length for you- by HIS death on the cross. So let HIM be your closest friend; don’t be ashamed to identify with HIM, come unto HIM and HE will give you rest, because HE loves you exceedingly. He will ALWAYS be there for you! Peace be unto You!

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