Good Morning,
PRAYER: Dear Saviour, Your death and resurrection as great service and sacrifice from you the true mediator, shall bring great comfort into my life this good Friday hencefort, in Jesus name!

WHY PRAY THIS?: Sometimes when people are estranged, they need a mediator who comes between them to bring reconciliation. This is one way to think of the “Old Testament priests”. They stood between GOD and sinful man, offering sacrifices that would reconcile the two.

These earthly priests were a mere shadow of Christ, who came as “both the Lamb of sacrifice and the final high priest”. GOD’s Son left heaven to become flesh and blood so HE could offer HIS life on the cross (Study Phil. 2:6-8). In this way, Jesus Christ set all who believe in Him free from sin and death .

Our Savior “Jesus Christ” is the perfect mediator. Because Jesus was fully GOD’s, HE was the “spotless Lamb” the law required in Deuteronomy 17:1. And because HE “the Word became flesh”, it was possible for HIM to die. Now, Unlike the earthly priests who repeatedly brought animal sacrifices for themselves and the people, Jesus offered HIMSELF once for all to the FATHER GOD in payment for the sins of mankind (Study Hebrew 7:27). Then, having satisfied GOD’s justice with HIS blood, HE was raised to life the Third Day.

Death did not end the Savior’s role as our High Priest. After the resurrection, Christ ascended to heaven, where HE sits at the FATHER’s right hand and intercedes for us. Having lived on the earth as a man, HE understands our weaknesses and gives mercy and grace to help us in times of need (Study Hebrew 4:16).

Wow! There’s great comfort in knowing we have a “merciful advocate” in heaven. HIS prayers are according to GOD’s will, so we also have the assurance that the FATHER will answer every intercession Jesus makes on our behalf.

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