HE sustains OUR FUTURE!

Good Morning,

PRAYER: Dear LORD, thank you for saving me with purpose: Haven planned a greater future for me, even more than I’ve ever imagined, I give you my life Dashboard, control me “your vessel” in this turbulence world, Amen!

WHY PRAY THIS?: Know ye in this Month, as written in Jeremiah 11:29, that GOD knows our future, so HE can tell what we need to know. HE trully knows our fears, and HE wants us to hand our worries over to HIM.

HE knows our feelings and frustrations, and HE is willing to help because HE sees our hurt more than anyone else can.

HE knows our individual faults and failures, but HE still loves us unconditionally. HE also knows our faithfulness because HE sees every good thing we do too.

NOTE: The fact that GOD knows everything is a tremendous motivator for me to live a godly life, Yes! HE saved me! I now realize that nothing in my life is done in secret, nothing I face will hinder HIS ability to help me, nothing that is to come will catch HIM by surprise, nothing I fear will be too big for HIS strength, and of course, nothing I do in HIS mighty name is ever done in vain. How about You? Peace be unto You!

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