Let JEHOVAH Accelerate YOU!

Good Morning,
PRAYER: JEHOVAH SHAMMAH, thank YOU for always being with me. Please help me to praise and worship YOU in the midst of life’s “battles” and keep my eyes focused on YOU. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

WHY PRAY THIS?: Behold, as this April is trully our Month of “Supernatural Acceleration”, you’ll be glad to know you were not meant to fight the battle alone (The Bible says the battle is GOD’s).

Life sometimes seems to be a battle that causes you to feel upset and fearful, right? Come unto JEHOVAH Sabaoth “The LORD of hosts”, because HE never loses a battle. HE is JEHOVAH El Roi “who sees you”, JEHOVAH Mikadishkim “the LORD which sanctifies you”, JEHOVAH Tsidkenu “the LORD your righteousness”, JEHOVAH Rohit “the LORD your shepherd”, JEHOVAH El Shaddai “Almighty GOD”, etc – To enjoy HIS influence, GOD says “walk before , and be thou perfect”. So, walk and work with HIM according to HIS plan, begin to substitute praise for petition and worship for worry at all times, you won’t blame yourself at the long run. Shalom!

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