Wisdom in GOD’s Word brings LIFE

Good Morning,

PRAYER: Dear FATHER, In the name of JESUS, I hereby request for Wisdom in YOUR Word and Your HOLY SPIRIT, so that sin will not dominion over me!

WHY PRAY THIS: Good parents warns thier children not to touch hot stoves. It is not the parent’s fault if any of the children disobeys. Even so, if the child is accidentally burned, his father immediately takes care of him. He may scold the child for disobeying, but he is sensitive to his pain. It is the same with GOD. HE does not cause hurtful things to happen in our lives. Would a good earthly parent make their child touch a hot stove? You see, We bring the painful results of sin upon ourselves. But note this, that “When we disobey, HE is still with us to help us when we cry out to HIM”.

Proverbs 13:13 says “Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.” In good turn, it emphasizes that those who keep GOD’s Word will be blessed, but those who despise HIS laws will suffer destruction. GOD gave HIS commands for our good. HE desires that we avoid the suffering that sin brings. HE does not punish us when we are disobedient, but rather it is the consequences of our own rebellion that brings us harm.

Remember, Good knowledge and understanding of who GOD is and HIS plans for us respectively.. being wise enough to ask HIM for wisdom to do this.. makes HIM empower us to obey Him by giving us the Holy Spirit so that sin will not have dominion over us.. working in line with purpose, wins us favor and causes life to go more smoothly.

NOTE: The wisdom in GOD’s Word brings life, enabling us to resist the devil’s attempts to draw us into snares leading to death (Study Romans 6:14). Peace be unto You!

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