The LORD Testifies

PRAYER: Dear LORD, Establish YOUR testimony in me. Amen in JESUS name!
WHY PRAY THIS?: In Act 13:22, reference was made to GOD testimony concerning David—as “a man after MY heart, who will do all MY will”. What an historic and amazing testimony of a life well lived! Talk about the Prophets and Leaders before David, but David was extraordinary awesome, being the reason why GOD had to make such statement concerning HIM. Though David wasn’t a perfect man, yet, he was one whose life was centered on GOD’s interests and desires (undeniable).

He had a kind of stronger passion strictly to obey GOD and carry out HIS will whenever revealed. With the Book of Psalm, we were able to discover that his relationship with the LORD was the most important aspect of his life.

However, that doesn’t mean he was always obedient. Who can forget his failure with Bathsheba? But even when he sinned by committing adultery and murder, his heart was still bent toward GOD. The conviction he felt and his humble repentance afterward proved that his relationship with the LORD was still his top priority. Do you repent that easily and humbly when corrected, never returning to such sin, as if it was a covenant between you and GOD? (Study Hebrew 8:8-13)

Now is the time to scan our lives with The Inspired Word of GOD, Haven invited the Holy Spirit, if at least to detect the viruses in our own system(s), then others, giving full permission to the Truth to quarantine and delete our unyielding doctrines-principles and sinful-unholy lifestyle respectively.

NOTE: If GOD Decide to write a summary of your life, how would HE describe you? Maybe it’s time for repentance. Does your heart align with HIS, or have you allowed it to follow the pleasures and pursuits of this world? Repent and do not go back to your sins. See Isaiah 59, Unless we diligently pursue our relationship with the LORD, we will drift away from HIM farther instead of getting closer. Please move closer to HIM now. Peace be unto You!

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