GOD’s WILL -Conscience

PRAYER: Dear LORD, inspire me to keep a “good” conscience (“clear” conscience) in order to please YOU!

WHY PRAY THIS?: The conscience is generally seen by some class in this World -as a defect that robs people of their self-esteem. But, Far from being a defect or a disorder, however, your ability to sense your own guilt is a tremendous gift from GOD, yes! HE designed the conscience into the very framework of the human soul. It is the automatic warning system that cries, “Pull up! Pull up!” before you crash and burn.

In fact, The conscience has an innate ability to sense right and wrong. Sincerely, Everyone, even the most unspiritual heathen or unbeliever, has a conscience (See Romans 2:14-15). Therefore, as a Christian, you are advised to get stronger, by constantly informing your conscience and being sensitive to sin (Study Hebrew 5:14).

The people of God must inform their consciences regularly with biblical Truth so that the conscience is tender toward sin. Believers must not allow their consciences to become calloused and hardened.

NOTE: Without a knowledge of GOD’s will, we will be left to our own improperly educated and trained conscience. But, Reading the Word, understanding what the Truth says, reflecting on the gospel, being in awe of GOD and HIS character, and seeking true godliness is what Christians must constantly attend to. This will keep us sensitive to sin, focused on CHRIST, and zealous toward holiness.

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