Boosting Conscience (A)

PRAYER: LORD! Help sharpen and sensitize my conscience better than ever, so that I will be able to choose the right and reject the wrong better than ever, in JESUS name!

WHY PRAY THIS?: If you had a car that had a dangerous engine problem and the dashboard warning light began to flash, what would you do? Would you ignore it? Would you be irritated and smash the light so you wouldn’t need to look at it again and again? If you smash or remove it, such would amount to foolishness, right? We must not destroy the warning light but heed its warning if we wish to save our car’s engine and other contents.

Similarly, if the “light” of our conscience tells us that we have a serious spiritual or moral problem, do we just ignore it or try to deaden or kill it? Wouldn’t that be foolish and destructive?

To change the figure, suppose that the warning light isn’t working properly and can’t really indicate when there is a problem. It is unreliable and we must not depend on it. If our conscience isn’t working well and not educated by GOD and HIS WORD, we can’t depend on such conscience to tell us when we are in spiritual and moral trouble.

NOTE: The lack of a good conscience is a terrible and tragic condition. Like a car that has a warning light that is not functioning properly, a conscience that doesn’t properly warn us can’t accomplish all that GOD would want.

It is only through the death of CHRIST JESUS for our sins that our conscience can be cleansed “from dead works to serve the living GOD” (Hebrews 9:14). Be willing to repent of all your sins and seek GOD’s help to sharpen and sensitize your conscience so that you will be able to choose the absolutely right and reject the wrong. Peace be unto You!

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