Boosting Conscience (B)

PRAYER: Dear LORD GOD, I pray for impartation and continuous boosting of YOUR “functioning good conscience” in me (with this, I will be morally and spiritually good/upright before YOU),in order to fulfil my CHRIST-Like purpose(s), in JESUS name!

WHY PRAY THIS?: When an unbeliever, a sinner, murders someone, fornicates, lies to someone, and many more, his/her conscience will testify to his/her heart that this is wrong and sinful. But only if such conscience is functioning properly, it will tell the person that he/she is sinning. However, we know that the conscience is only a reliable guide when it has been properly educated or boosted by the truth of GOD, right?

NOTE: Apostle Paul once said “Brethren, I have lived my life with a perfectly good conscience before GOD up to this day” while he also said “I acted ignorantly in unbelief” at a point (Study Acts 23:1; 1 Timothy 1:13). Alas! This is conscience at work, helping a wicked man turn good, as well as boosting a good man to be better-best. We have got to Pray to GOD to help us understand our individual “conscience” as a reliable guide (only if it reflects the truth of GOD).

In summary, Remember, “..our guilty consciences have been sprinkled with CHRIST’s blood to make us clean, and our bodies have been washed with pure water.” (Hebrew 10:20-22). Now, “Pray for us [all]: for we trust we have a good conscience, in all things willing to live honestly.” (Romans 13:16). Finally, “Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in CHRIST.” (1 Peter 3:16). *You are a divine image of GOD, so, practically enhance your moral and spiritual consciousness, in order to fulfil you CHRIST-Like purpose(s)*. Peace be unto You!

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