FORGIVEN: Sin no more!

PRAYER: Dear LORD, as YOU have forgiven me, engage and keep me close to YOU with constant communication, help me to avoid returning to the old things. In JESUS name!

WHY PRAY THIS?: GOD holds no punches in the Word. GOD labels someone a fool if he/she continually repeat folly. HE does not flatter, Yes! HE lovingly speaks truth and reproves evildoers.

The person who sins and then returns to that same sin again (and, repeatedly) is a fool. Such is saying “old things had not pass away, old thing is still part of the new” (Study John 8:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17). Whoever among us returns to the former things/wickedness lives foolish in his/her practical affairs and he conducts himself/herself stubbornly in religious matters, called Christian or not.

Imagine: It is even possible that such has no regard for GOD and is hard-hearted toward the gospel Truth.

NOTE: Believer or not, he/she might not be sensitive toward sin nor is he/she demonstrating a longing after Christlikeness. Ahh! This foolish person finally opposes GOD, rejects Scripture, refuses to believe, and reveals a hardened heart.

Apply these: (1) Repent, forsake/abandon the old and present vomits/sins/abominations. Be wise, don’t go to the vomit again so that GOD will not tag/know/classify you to be that kind of fool. (2) You should confidently turn to the Word of GOD and Pray to find comfort in afflictions, guidance in uncertainties, strength in weakness, warnings against sin, and commands for Christians. Peace be unto You!

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