PURE: No Returning to Sin!

PRAYER:In the name of JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT enable and empower me not to return to sniff sin, walk/work around it nor eat that old sin-vomit again!

WHY PRAY THIS?: As abominable as the thought is of returning to your vomit, so abominable should it be to consider returning to a sin again. Lets the people of GOD recognize GOD’s view of sin (HE likens it to vomit. Study 2 Peter 2:22). And the stupidity of returning to that particular sin is akin to turning around, seeking, and finding pleasure in that vomit. What a heinous thought! How disturbing.

NOTE: Let GOD’s TRUTH and LIFE remind GOD’s people to be pure in life and be always striving to change for good (Hebrew 10:20-22). And Remember “conscience” from last week “as a mechanism that alerts you as to when you’ve violated the internal law (i.e. warning system that GOD has put inside you). Keep your conscience tender by swimming in the sweet waters of Scripture (Keeping it tender; not letting it become callous). Let the HOLY Bible be your guard in life, the light to your path, your standard for life, your map toward holiness, and your comfort in distress.

Let all true Christians resolve to live holy lives, by running after righteousness (practically refuse to return to sniff, talk less of eating those old sin-vomit again), by God’s grace and by the HOLY SPIRITS’s enablement. Peace be unto You!

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