MESSIAH: Real deal, tasks and expectation

The gospel that GOD promised beforehand through HIS prophets in the Holy Scriptures regarding HIS Son, WHO as to HIS human nature was a descendant of David, and WHO through the SPIRIT of holiness was declared with power to be the Son of GOD by HIS resurrection from the dead: Jesus CHRIST our LORD. Romans 1:2-4.

HISTORY/ ANCIENT PREDICTION: The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) predict the death and resurrection of the Messiah (see Ps. 16; Isa. 53).

SELF PREDICTION: Jesus predicted, on numerous occasions, HIS own death and resurrection (see Matt. 16:21).

PLOT AND BETRAYAL: Jesus was betrayed by Judas; delivered to the chief priests, as plotted, for questioning; interrogated falsely, beaten and scourged by Pilate—as you may have seen in the movie The Passion of the CHRIST (see Matt. 26:57-27:31)

CIVILIAN CHEER HATRED: The crowds cried for Jesus CHRIST to be executed (see John 19:1-6).

LAW CONDEMN: HE, according to Roman law, was nailed to a cross for crucifixion. The victim, weakened by the torture and loss of blood, was unable to lift HIS body into a position to take a breath and therefore died of suffocation (see Mark 15:20-41).

CONFIRMATION OF DEATH: A Roman executioner certified that Jesus CHRIST was dead and put a spear through HIS chest cavity. Out of the wound flowed blood and water, indicating massive internal bleeding (see John 19:31-37).

FINAL RITE: Jesus CHRIST was anointed for burial and encased in more than 75 pounds of mummy-like wrappings (see John 19:38-42).

BURIED IN TOMB, BUT GUARDED AGAINST PROPHESY: The body of Jesus CHRIST was placed in a tomb, and a huge stone was rolled into place to block the entrance (see Mark 15:46). The tomb was sealed with a Roman seal, and a guard of Roman soldiers was placed in front of it (see Matt. 27:62-66).

THE REAL DEAL: Three days later, the tomb was empty, and the stone had been moved a great distance away (see Mark 16:1-8).

CONFIRMATION OF LIFE: Jesus CHRIST appeared on many occasions, to many audiences, proving that HE was alive. On one occasion, HE appeared to more than 500 eyewitnesses simultaneously (see 1 Cor. 15:3-11).

GLORIOUS SENT FORTH: Jesus CHRIST ascended bodily into heaven in the sight of the apostles after HE commission them (see Acts 1:9-11).

SELECTION OF MORE WITNESSING DEVOUT: The resurrected Jesus CHRIST appeared to Saul of Tarsus, a Jewish Pharisee. Saul became a devout CHRIST-like and an apostle, and his name was changed to Paul (see Acts 9).

Are you ready to be broken, forsake evil, and follow GODs injunctions as your eternal life depends on it? Remember, witnessing to CHRIST’s resurrection transformed the lives of the first chosen 12 fearful men (see Acts 1–12) while I assured you can do better today. GOD is willing to turn many into apostolic world-changers, fulfilling the great commission, living rightly! Peace be unto You!

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