Of HIS own will begat HE us with the WORD of TRUTH, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of HIS creatures. James 1:18.

NOTE: GOD (not human desire) gives birth to HIS people by the “WORD of TRUTH”—the WORD is GOD’s WORD of creation and redemption. According to Verse 21, the “implanted WORD” refers to Jeremiah’s Chapter 31 Verse 33 promise that GOD would “put HIS law in our minds and write it on our hearts.”

It is now clear that, the birth-firstfruit language is GOD’s action in internalizing this “WORD” or covenant on HIS people’s hearts. I believe, this is new birth i.e. salvation by the will of GOD through the “WORD of TRUTH” as presented yesterday. we all are expected in this new relationship with GOD as HIS children, as ones who know HIM covenantally through the law of the New Covenant now made internal.

Ultimately for James, this is GOD’s law mediated through the life and death of CHRIST, where we are trully the “firstfruits” of that future day and GOD’s new covenant community, when and where all will “know GOD” as Jeremiah and James had foretold. Peace be unto You!

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