The Law of THE LORD: Perfect

The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul; The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. Psalm 19:7-(10)

NOTE: The Holy SPIRIT, who came through Jesus CHRIST, always convincing us to do good, still will not force us against our daily life and every day of thoughts, words, deeds and sin.

In the process of my sanctification, I saw more and more. I noticed the hidden uncleanness (crime) of oneself, and that only GOD can achieve the holiness of GOD, which is why the Holy SPIRIT has come to make us complete with 100℅ switch holy-sense (full submission) to listen Strictly to GOD (only), not just leaving the Holy SPIRIT to hang-around while one use switch common-sence which is bound to fail (like that of first Adam).

I discovered that, with pleasure, Some people even abuse GOD’s grace and kindness to cover up their crimes/sin, Ahhh! But GODs grace only work for whoever is ready to give it all up for GOD to control him or her. This message is clear, give your body, soul and spirit to GOD, let HIM purify your conscience with Holy SPIRIT, remain clean and live..

Iam encouraging you today, to Live as if you have the exact heart of GOD on you. You will hear the law (commands) of the LORD clearly and know that it is clean, and that it brightens the eyes of men (truth). The truth of the LORD is clean (holy) and will last forever (rule). The rule of the LORD is true (sensible), and 100℅ righteousness (perfect). Peace be unto You!

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