TRUST IN GOD: For Nigeria and Leaders

Pray for kings and others in power, so we may live quiet and peaceful lives as we worship and honor GOD. Doing right brings honor to a nation, but sin brings disgrace. (1Timothy 2:2; Proverb 14:34 CEV)

NOTE: Today, we are charged to Trust in GOD for our Nation as we pray for our rulers to lead us well (do it right), knowing fully well that only righteousness exalts a nation, therefore wickedness (Sins) must be publicly crushed to obtain GOD’s blessing.

PRAYER 1: GOD, our maker with highest authority, I confess and forsake my sins, crush every forms of wickedness in me, and leave me with good intentions for this nation in the name of Jesus CHRIST!

PRAYER 2: GOD, YOUR word in James 5:16 says “..the prayer of an innocent person is powerful, and it can help a lot. Therefore, I decree by YOUR authority: every wicked counsellors and plans of wickedness upon Nigeria, become crushed and useless in the mighty name of Jesus CHRIST!

I know you are wise, so we can both agree on this, that “A good ruler is silver, and wicked advisors are the dross. If the dross is taken away, the purified ruler will be able to lead his kingdom to wonderful prosperity.” Right? in one way or the order, be prayerfully prepared, our great GOD is going to refine/purge Nigeria and her leadership. The dross that gathers in high places and lower corners to siphon living from our legitimate rulers and people will be taken away. Peace be unto You!

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