Digital Evangelism vs COVID-19

In a time of uncertainty and isolation, Digital Evangelism can help us continue our momentum with ministry.

No matter what part of the world you’re in, the COVID-19 virus is disrupting your normal life in one way or another.

Many people are advised to stay in their homes, schools are cancelled, even church services and various public gatherings are put on hold indefinitely—weddings, graduations, evangelistic series, etc.

Digital communication matters more now than ever before. In fact, right now we are depending upon it!

We can connect you with a variety of resources for churches and schools of all sizes, as well as for individuals, small groups, and need-based ministries.

Our evangelistic efforts to worship together, help one another, and share the Word of God with our hurting communities can continue unhindered with the many digital tools available today, some with little to no cost!

We pray that God continues to bless each of our ministry efforts around the world as we adapt to these new circumstances.

Useful Apps. & Platforms for You:

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