It is impossible for anyone to see when a place is extremely dark, isn’t it? Similarly, one would scarcely see if the light available is still not sufficient to subdue such darkness. Light therefore is very important as it helps illuminate a place when it’s dark.

That said, you can not really know how beautiful a place is as long as it is dark. Also, you can not come to appreciate all there is in the place, still because it is dark.
Neither can you even walk freely without stumbling because it is almost impossible to do so when a place is dark.
This is the reason the first time you enter a room, you switch on the bulb, turn on the lamp or the candle stick, so as to give light in the dark.

You see, it is very much important to know that as believers, we are the light of the world ( Matthew 5:14). But the extent to which we shine as light matters a lot. The scripture tells us to what extent we should do that,

*”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”*. ( Matthew 5:16).

That is it, that as believers, we should *let our light so shine* before men. That is the extent to which we must shine as light. We are to let our light so shine, this is our responsibility as believers ( meaning we are the ones who would do that).
Why is this? So that men ( who do not see) will see our good works, and then glorify ( thank, appreciate) the Father. This therefore implies that until we *let our light so shine*, there’s no way people would see what we do as believers, and in the end, the Father won’t be glorified.

Dear believer, you’re to let your light so shine before men ( in your action, disposition, interaction, conduct; showing all transparency, honesty, humility and good conduct). These things men would see, and would glorify the Father in return. Let your light so shine!

*Thought for the day: It is not just enough to know that you are the light of the world. You are to let your light so shine before men. This is your responsibility. Let it so shine!*

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