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The apostle Paul opened his epistle to the Ephesians with a very warm greeting. The first chapter of the book of Ephesians talks about the redemption of the believer in Christ because it starts by saying the letter was addressed to the saints at Ephesus. The apostle Paul wrote to enlighten them about the state they had now found themselves in( as saints).

He then prayed for them that the eyes of their understanding may be enlightened that they may get to know all there is to know about God. The focus for today’s devotional is in the second verse where he greets the saints. The scripture is seen below,

“Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”

We have established the fact that the epistle of Paul to the Ephesians was addressed to saints. The question one may decide to ask is this, why did he say those words in verse two?

He started by saying grace be to you( I believe the apostle Paul knew what it meant to live the Christian life, and now that these people had believed as well, he needed to let them know that it is the grace of God that helps the believer). We may see it as a greeting, and then a prayer. He was saying as well that the grace to live to the glory of God this new life they now had would be made available to them.

Then he says, and peace( the peace that came as a result of them coming to place their faith in Christ, and thus reconciled them to God, be made available to them as well). He ended by saying that the grace and peace comes from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear believer, just as the apostle Paul said to the saints at Ephesus, the scripture is saying to you that the grace and peace that comes from God, and the Lord Jesus which helps the believer live a life of constant victory and triumph in Christ will be made available to you. Grace be to you

Thought for the day: There’s grace and peace from God your Father, and from the Lord Jesus to live victoriously as a believer. Grace to you.

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