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The effect of God’s word is of no doubt discernible in the life of each and every believer who follows after and lives according to the instructions therein. In his word comes the direction the believer seeks, the victory he has, privileges and right that have been bestowed on him. The list is endless. No one can deny the effect of God’s word in the life of the believer.

I believe most of us must have seen a lamp( a device that produces light). This implies therefore that a lantern is a lamp, and so is an electric bulb. You must have noticed that a lantern for example will produce no light until it is lit. The same way an electric bulb will give no light until the control switch is turned on. Do not forget that both the lantern and the electric bulb are devices with the ability to give light but on their own cannot except they are lit.

However, when the electric bulb or lantern is lit, they give light for all to see, and hence make visible things that are dark. The Psalmist in the book of Psalm said something about the word of God that relates with lamp and light. Let’s examine the text below,

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”. (Psalm 119:105).

The Psalmist in wanting to state the effect of God’s word in his own life said that the word had the effect of being a lamp, and also a light. What was he trying to say? He meant to say and I believe that the word of God was not just a lamp to his feet ( not just worthy of giving light to him) but that the word was equally the light itself in the lamp that makes his feet walk the right path. Glory to God. This implies that the word of God is both our lamp and our light.

That means the believer would walk the right path and never stumble because God’s word is not just worthy of having the tendency to produce light to his feet but of a truth the light in his lamp that guides his feet to walk in the right path. The effect of God’s word in your life as a believer according to the Psalmist here is that it gives direction, enlightenment, and clarity such that you do not have any reason to stumble or to go astray.

Dear believer, having known this, you should seek to dwell more in his word, for that is the source of your direction, clarity and enlightenment. Do always remember that the word of the Lord is a lamp to your feet and a light your path.

Thought for the day: The word of God doesn’t just have the tendency to give you light, meaning it is not just a lamp to your feet, it is in itself the light to your path.


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